Say Hello to the Powerful Heartbeat Inside of You

Transformational Wellness and Energy Exploration Coaching, Kitchen-Sink Cooking Coach, Reiki Energy Medicine, Elemental & Chakra Meditation Healing, and Release Writing

Is there something you want to do but you encounter a struggle when you get close to the vision? Or perhaps you achieve your goal then lose clarity on it after some time passes?

Does mealtime feel like a hassle or stress to prepare?

Have you come to a point where external mind and body alterations are what you seek and crave daily?

Are you feeling stressed, tired, and depleted with a need for greater energy and self-love?

Do you feel stiff and heavy and wish to lighten the way your foot falls on the Earth’s surface?

In our lives, we sometimes need inspiration and support to make the changes that bring balance and energy into our hearts. We sometimes need a little stillness to reunite us with all of our voices; the root, the sacral, the solar plexus, the heart, the throat, the third eye, the crown, and the hara.

By joining with me in The Land of Wellness, you will find support with results-oriented, transformational coaching. My services work together or individually to help you unlock yourself from within.

In this sacred space, there is also a valley known as The Land of Quiet. There you will discover how to find your center. And above all, you will realize that you’re exactly where you should be on your journey.


What is a Double Your Energy Breakthrough Session?

As an emerging health and life coach, I need to complete six of my energy-transformation consultation sessions for certification. However, I want to extend that to as many people as I can.

Why? Because the higher our inner vibrations, the more we can do to heal ourselves. It’s a journey that’s not about perfection, but about reaching the personal visions we have of ourselves. This journey is change (which we love and and at the same time, fear). Practicing compassion for ourselves allows us to fall into it more easily with others. I believe in the power of people, in the power of grace & humanity. We have spirit within us that won’t be diminished, and I think we need that spirit now.

What I think I am here for is to provide new and fun tools for my community and be a light for my neighbors.

Let me tell you about what this session actually is….

This hour-long session will give you the chance to:

    • be able to sit down and review your energy levels in a focused session
    • visualize what’s holding you back from creating or reaching your vision, and find out what steps you might take to reach it
    • examine what increases your energy and feel empowered and excited to play around with the many ways to get there
    • find out if you would like to continue to work with me in my 90-day transformational program or one of my other offerings

I am offering these sessions at no charge for the month of August. Even if we don’t end up working together, this session will provide you with some insights to your energy and vision from a fresh lense and encourage curiosity.


Please apply for an intake session above, if the following services spark your curiosity:

  • 90-Day Energy Transformation Program: Support with results-oriented, transformational coaching!
  • Guided Cleanse
  • Coming soon: Release Writing Ritual

My other services will be added to the appointment page gradually. Stay tuned for:

  • Kitchen-Sink Cooking:  a guide to make meals with simple ingredients in 20 minutes
  • Movement Renaissance
  • Reiki Energy Medicine: I am currently becoming a Reiki Master
  • Elemental & Chakra Meditation Healing
"Healing yourself is connected with 
healing others." - Yoko Ono

About Your Coach

Meet Brandy

an overly-lengthy bio about the woman behind The Land of Wellness

Born in Youngstown, Ohio, but raised in the beautiful southwest, Brandy Bell considers herself to be in the never-ending pursuit of knowledge and new ideas. She studied English and Creative Writing at Northern Arizona University and Coconino Community College where she graduated Cum Laude. (She also attended Pima Community College in Tucson, AZ for 18 months).

A journal keeper since the age of eight, she grew into a  poet and magical realism writer with a lean towards dreamy, metaphor-veiled non-fiction, she doesn’t know where or how she would have ended up without writing. In the few times where her life didn’t include a regular writing practice, she noticed a big difference in her ability to cope.

After spending most of her years in New Mexico and Arizona, she traded high-desert beauty for the forested beauty of Portland, Oregon in late 2013 with her partner and cats.  They soon after were married (not the cats). It was a rainy day in January in 2015 when Brandy fell in love with Write Around Portland. She took one of their for-fee classes, Prompt. Three and half years later, she’s one of eight original classmates still generating new work together and alternating facilitating and homes every Wednesday evening.  She completed the Certificate in Prose (Fiction and Non-Fiction) at the Independent Publishing Resource Center. Brandy has attended many seminars in grammar and business writing, poetry, fiction, narrative medicine, and women’s literature through her years in Arizona and Oregon. One of her great loves is beta-reading and editing novels. Visit her blog, Cat Over Clock, for poetry, photography, excerpts from her novel—The Disconsolate, and some insight into her personal struggles with chronic pain.

She has always been deeply committed to providing outstanding service. Her professional living has been as office managers in higher education and  customer service associates for some pretty interesting products and companies. Her college job was in hospitality and an amazing mentor taught her the foundation of her dedicated service mantra: “It’s my pleasure.”

Her interest in crystals and stones as healing aids has been in place since her teens, while the study of herbs came in her late twenties and early thirties.  Her late thirties have been filled with discovering free and affordable self-care practices, learning the self-exploration teachings of the tarot, and making meditation rituals a regular practice. She completed the Mindfullness Fundamentals course in 2016. As she approaches her 40th birthday, she is so inspired to be a student at the Health Coach Institute. This career shift is a wonderful one for her, she’s still in the element of service to others, which will never fade and in this practice she can share her wisdom and knowledge of the many interests she has had over the years, yet none so important as aiding in the journey of anoher human. (Breath.) She will complete the Health and Life Coach certifications before the end of 2018 and invites you to start practicing with her now as she’s fulfilling her quest.

Another certificate that’s underway is the awe-inspiring path of becoming a Reiki Master through the Reiki Healing Institute. She is so grateful to be able to open up the channel to this healing energy for others.

Brandy has navigated near and far from the hub of the wheel on her journey and is so excited to formally learn the great tools that will support others with results-oriented, transformational coaching.  She knows there’s some scariness there, but you’re not alone. There’s also fun and easy things, sustainable and interesting things. We’re so complex and fascintating and we can be anything we want.

It’s about compassion, self-love, empowerment and curiosity and she hopes you will join her.


To make an apppointment, please visit the Services page.

If you have any questions about The Land of Wellness and working with me, please email: helloheartbeat (@) outlook.com. I would love to correspond.