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the woman behind Land of Wellness

Brandy Bell has always been deeply committed to providing outstanding service. Her professional living has been as an office manager in higher education, where she mentored and trained college students, and as an order management guru and customer support professional for life-saving medical implants. Her college job was in hospitality and an amazing mentor taught her the foundation of her dedicated service mantra: “It’s my pleasure.” It truly is her pleasure to be in service for others.

For many years, she’s been discovering free and affordable self-care practices, learning the self-exploration teachings of the tarot, and making meditation rituals a regular practice. She believes meditation isn’t a cure, only part of the journey and that it can be practiced a million different ways that includes a journey in Narrative Medicine. She completed the Mindfulness Fundamentals course in 2016.

All of this passion culminated in 2018 when she graduated from the Health Coach Institute with over 154 hours of International Coaching Federation  (ICF) approved curriculum. This included bringing three (out of two required) practice clients through a 90-day Transformation Program, and six months of skills labs and lectures. Her health-coach training is the perfect parallel to her experience; it has accentuated her skills in deep and active listening, structured and strengthened her tools to help people turn self-care into daily rituals, and formalized ways her calming demeanor can dial down stress.

She completed the AADE Career Path Certificate for Diabetes Education and the CDC’s National Diabetes Prevention Program Lifestyle Coach Training and is also a certified Life Coach. She works as a Certified Nursing Assistant for those recovering in a post-op rehabilitation facility.

Brandy is currently accepting new clients. She guides with compassion and deep listening; inspiring and motivating others to connect with their unique goals. She believes in those she has the honor to meet 100%—meeting them where they are. She inspires self-love, empowerment, and curiosity and she invites you to join her for a 60-minute Exploration Session.

Brandy Bell

In 2013, after spending most of her years in New Mexico and Arizona, Brandy traded high-desert beauty for the forested beauty of Portland, Oregon. She made the journey alongisde her partner and cats. Find out what it’s like to work with Brandy as a Health and Wellness Coach and Guide.