Brandy Bell’s Intuitive Circuit Program

Do you wish to carry energy in your heart and feel the brilliance in everyday life?

Introducing the Intuitive Circuit Program: Connecting the Gut, Heart, and Mind. A four-month intimate, supportive coaching experience to help you bring your gut, heart, and mind together—empowering you to achieve your goals and genuinely smile at yourself in the mirror.

Through a series of experiences, accountability, and support, you will learn how to powerfully walk the full circuit: feel relief in the gut, lift the heart, and relax the mind. Bring relaxation, intuition, inspiration, nourishment, and connection into your daily life while still being authentically you.

This program is for you if you are ready to:

  • Make lifestyle changes that lead to amazing improvements in your health and life
  • Discover how pain in your gut, mind, and heart can positively transform
  • Open new doors to your inner voice
  • Accept guidance from an expert health coach who can help you unearth desires and fulfill areas that need nourishment
  • Choose to develop personal self-care habits that lift you up authentically
  • Embrace a natural path to health and wellness

This is your invitation to Shine!

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Dear Amazing Human,

I know it’s hard to feel amazing sometimes, but that’s okay. In his book Guide to Optimum Health, Doctor Andrew Weil talks about health not being a permanent state, that sometimes a shift must happen to reach a new balance, but that we can take preventative action in our lifestyles to facilitate healing from the inside and make the times of illness shorter and less severe.

Approaching health from a place of healing is a different perspective for our modern medical society. It’s easy to become the recipient of treatments that band aide our issues without addressing the root cause. I ask you to join me for a moment in considering a different type of journey and approach:

This journey starts in a place I call the Land of Quiet. When I was healing from a long-term injury and life-long depression, I often would meditate in this ‘land’. My arteries and their blood were the rivers, my organs were mountains and hills, bones and cartilage were trees, and my brain sat as a huge monument looking over the valley floor: an ancient, moss covered rock with a labyrinthe carved into it. It was very quiet there, and it is the first place that I learned how to meditate and how to let my mind be connected to a body I always tried to escape from because the physical pain was bad or the grief in my heart was too much to face. When I became a Health Coach, this place became the Land of Wellness and that is the story of how the name was born.


When I turned 40, I realized that my new self-care routines and perspective had changed me. I suddenly wanted to live forever (well, exactly until 102). I am so glad that this happened because if it didn’t, I would still be experiencing constant gas pains, constant emotional stress, and I would always be wanting to escape my current state instead of being present in it.

By following my protocols, you can arrive there, too. Your journey won’t be exactly the same, however, with my guidance, I can lead you to locate and plant a firm foothold in your personal, unique Land of Wellness.


You can do this amongst the bloating, uncomfortable feeling of heaviness, dizziness, fear, hangryness, stress, sacrifice, anxiety, isolation, gas, doubt, low energy, worry, tiredness, afternoon crashes, escapism, stuckness… because eventually all of those things will be far easier to identify and pull away from, allowing you balance.


Your light will shine through (it’s most important that you see it, because others truly, already do).


In Service,

Brandy Bell, CHC


Imagine a life wherein…

  • You shine, and you know that others can feel your warmth
  • Mornings find you rested and ready to begin a new day
  • You feel a lightness in your step as you walk
  • Carrying energy in your heart is just the norm
  • Smiling at yourself in the mirror when you brush your teeth, wash your hands, or ride an escalator is just what you do
  • Finding a comfortable weight that makes you feel good is just a part of life and ends the health risks that come with it, so you feel less anxious and more relaxed
  • Knowing which foods support your health brings you joy
  • Making the best choices to care for yourself and move forward is not overwhelming, stressful, or isolating, instead; you feel heard and connected
  • Spending time with people you enjoy connects you to feelings of love and acceptance
  • You have the tools to get through hard times (without losing your health) when you need them



Most of all, you can experience freedom from the pain and debilitating symptoms that are preventing you from living a life you love!


I want to help you take your life back from feeling stuck and stoke your inner light!


I’m Brandy Bell, a Certified Health Coach and Guide specializing in relaxation techniques and inspiring the soul. I work with people struggling with low energy, emotional stress, and unbalanced blood sugar that feel stuck on their health and emotional journey. I use doctor-written, medically-proven protocols and methods in my work. In addition to providing protocols that make necessary lifestyle changes easy to adopt and maintain, I provide the support, guidance, and resources to help you on the journey to your land of wellness.


  • Certified Health Coach
  • Mindfulness Meditation Certified
  • Master Health Coach Academy Candidate
  • Reiki Student
  • Writer of Cat Over Clock: a poetry blog and narrative medicine about part of my healing journey


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What it’s like to work with Brandy

“I had the pleasure of participating in a 12-week health-coaching session with Brandy. I signed up hoping the sessions would get me out of the funk that had been plaguing me over the past year and get me feeling better both mentally and physically. To be truthful, I didn’t know what to expect, but I began to see the benefits and results of the sessions within a few weeks. It was actually quite eye-opening to see how I was sabotaging myself and how my own negative thoughts were causing me so much mental and physical pain.  And Brandy was so easy to talk with. She never judged or lectured, but gently guided me to the discovery of how I could turn my life around and accomplish all that I dreamed of becoming. Since my sessions I have become more productive in my writing—wrote 2,000 words in one day!—I have not have the constant stomach issues I was having before, and the demons that were always there whispering to me in the back of my mind telling me I was a failure are gone. I feel like a whole new person and even my friends and family have noticed the change in me.

I am so glad I took the leap and signed up for these coaching sessions, and I highly recommend them. It was one of the best things I have ever done for myself. “~Marla



“It was really good sitting down and looking at what I want to do and feels good having goals that are achievable. I felt really accomplished. I noticed that I didn’t eat as much when eating slower and it felt good not to overeat.

I slept through the night a lot lately and didn’t have to get up to go to the bathroom; that water sipping trick you told me works really well!  I was feeling more healthy this week. I want to try new recipes and I’m enjoying being more open and having more variety.

I listened to my body and rested.

Healthy doesn’t have to be bad (I don’t have to give stuff up (I can still have chips, I just don’t eat the whole bag!) and healthy doesn’t have to taste bad!)  Learning to listen to my body about hunger and eating consciously resulted in me eating healthier and an added bonus of losing 10 lbs.


Having anchors are good, I got results from simple, baby steps.” ~Erin




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Brandy’s Personal Story:


As a teenager, I struggled with depression, and didn’t develop value for my life, taking several attempts on it in my early teens. Fast-forward into my 20s, I married a person that always wanted me to be someone different.  I worked hard in my profession and at home and always felt like my employers and those I supported had needs more important than my own, this led me to feel burned out and in pain.


I often self-soothed with beer and wine, and of course, sugar and carbs.  I struggled to maintain health in my guts, dealing with bloating and gas pains, I had migraines and polycystic ovaries. Depression was a common state of mind.


I regularly cooked at home with vegetables, so I thought my diet was healthy. During this time, I searched for ways to be healthier and more vibrant. I moved from one self-help thing to the next trying to find a way out; meditation, herbal remedies, crystal healing, but truly I remained a slave to my easy button: a glass of wine or a beer, and as occasionally prescribed, opioid pain medication.


From a certain point of view, my thirties brought about a whole new life for me: a divorce; a really good talk therapist; yoga; an amazing, kind man that I married; and a dream-come-true writing group.


During all of this momentum, I started having acute abdominal pain. Multiple symptoms made it hard for doctors to diagnose. I struggled to walk and my periods were worse than ever. I stayed with body work and acupuncture because in my twenties I’d discovered the pharma route caused deeper depression and the side-effects were hard. I wasn’t healing. I was very sensitive to SSRIs and birth control hormones.


After four years of chronic pain, theories, and tests, I received a diagnosis that made sense. I had a small tear in my pelvic muscle. A mesh surgery was on the table, PT was not helping. I became really focused on other ways to heal.


My acupuncturist suggested I eliminate some foods. Gluten was the one I let go of, many of my symptoms receded. Pain-free movement became my top priority.


Between a chiropractor who stabilized my pelvic bones, and the small diet change, my health started getting better.  Months later, I started health-coach training. Over seven months, I went through two programs where I applied what I learned to my everyday life. I began to choose whole foods most the time, and got to know my guts better. I began studying Reiki, and it filled me with a spiritual connection, it became more than an interest in healing.


The programs I went through in school returned me to my natural state. I started dreaming big. I could exist with contentment in the present moment and successfully meditate.


I started to look forward with excitement instead of behind me with despair and sadness or become drowned in emotions that overwhelmed me, anxiety about work decreased over time. I began to have less pain in my body and less fatigue overall. I started having desires that were new. I looked at my body and made choices from a place of kindness, respect, and love. My life-long thyroid medication started assimilating into my body easier and my dose decreased by 38 mcg (getting closer to the mcg per weight calculation)! During employment at a temporary job, I didn’t call in sick for three months (my whole time there!)—Now I am thriving and finally uncovered the roots of my issues along with solutions that work—it’s a steady commitment to my health and well being.


My first breakthrough was being able to look myself in the mirror and genuinely say “I love you, Brandy.” My transformational moment? Turning 40 and wanting to live to see 102. Turning 40, and beginning to plan for the future like I never had before.


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If you’re wondering how The Intuitive Circuit is unique… it’s 100% belief in the individual and compassion. Unlike other programs you may find, this was specifically created with studies from doctors who are experts in blood sugar, inflammatory foods, motivational interviewing, stress relief, positive thinking, meditation, and empowerment. It’s based on making medically proven lifestyle adjustments and emotional breakthroughs that allow your gut, heart, and mind to heal. It also offers my personalized guidance.  I call it walking the complete circuit: relief in the gut, lifting of the heart, and relaxing the mind.


As an intuitive empath, with 20 years of experience in active listening, and eight years of customer service training from one of the leading medical-device engineers on the globe, I am not your typical health coach. My team was responsible for getting life-saving devices shipped out to doctors for surgeries, we needed to have the best listening and execution skills to make this happen 30-50 times a day.


This experience and many others, such as mentoring and training college students in their first office job and preparing them for the future, combines with my formal coaching curriculum and doctor-led health protocol trainings to ensure you’re getting a dedicated individual with your best interest at heart. I am devoted to serving and using my advanced listening and coaching skills to creatively and compassionately align you with options that make sense to you and are realistic within the context of your life.


I was created to serve as a guide and have found my calling.


The Intuitive Circuit also provides you with in-depth resources, support, and guidance.  Instead of trying to find information on your own and spending weeks pouring through conflicting articles and sources, I’ll be available as a supportive coach to help you on the path and end the stalemate on your health journey.


If you’re ready to become unstuck, shine, learn patience, and stop relying on the easy button that ultimately clouds the path you want to travel, sign up for a 1:1 coaching session:

  • Experience what it’s like to work with me
  • Journey through your top desires
  • Learn the key intuitive-building skill that you can apply immediately in your life


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More of what it’s like to work with Brandy


“The entire process with Brandy and Land of Wellness was a revelation. I’ve done a lot of personal reflection and work in the health field, so wasn’t sure whether or how the coaching would be value-added. Brandy’s gentle, validating, and non-judgmental approach helped me make discoveries, set boundaries in my schedule, and start and maintain new healthy habits. Her practice of starting with something that’s going well reoriented me to think first about the positive, and the mirror exercise and other “homework” helped me develop a personal mantra: ‘Act like you’re worth it.’  I think this process would be helpful for people at any stage in their personal health journey, and Brandy is an able and inspiring guide.” ~ Linda



The Intuitive Circuit provides you with everything you need to understand low energy, blood sugar, stress relief, and getting unstuck. Make the lifestyle changes you need without feeling overwhelmed, without reading another online health-story nightmare, and by remaining true to yourself and what makes you unique.


The 17-week program includes:


  • Weekly 1:1 Sessions and a beautiful, comprehensive workbook and journal to detail your action plans and help you apply what you learn to your life
  • Weekly Movement Magic: mindfulness walking; short morning, afternoon and evening routines to incorporate into your day
  • Special Bonus: a year-long subscription to the Calm app!
  • Recipes with breakfasts, lunches, dinners, desserts, and even snacks; you’ll never feel hungry or dissatisfied!
  • Reference Guide filled with how to apply the Intuitive Circuit to the “real world” including how to follow your guidelines when you’re going out to eat, what to stock in your pantry, and other helpful tips!
  • Guided meditation and bonus videos to go with each topic
  • Blood-Sugar Awareness Guide that will help you to understand the vital roles that balanced blood sugar plays in healing from low energy, inflammation, and moodiness
  • Personalized Mental Rehearsals to help with stress and overcoming stuck energy
  • Live Experiential Exercises with your coach to ensure breakthroughs and move past blocks and into empowerment


Each week, we will cover a new topic to help you upgrade your intuitive circuit and transform your energy.

  • Week One: Anchor Your Intentions
    • Experience how connecting with your goals fuels your vision of yourself
    • Flush out your personal goals
  • Week Two: Environmental Wonderland
    • Learn how to use your environment for motivation and extra support to stay on the path and love your journey
  • Week Three: Hydrate, Lady!
    • Feel the power of water in your system and why it’s important for women to stay hydrated
    • Discover the difference between trying to make due and truly being hydrated: supple skin, better bowel movements, clearer mind, less toxic build, up and more energy
  • Week Four: Look for the Magic in Food
    • Discover which top food choices get me through the morning with no afternoon crash or 3 am wakeups
    • Become aware of what blood-sugar is and why it’s crucial to correct imbalances
  • Week Five: Foods for a Positive Impact
    • Learn how I stay away from the donuts and choose my own path while honoring the choices of others and prevent feeling isolated or judged
    • Develop awareness of food’s impact on your body
  • Week Six: The Practice of Mindful Eating
    • Take away eight easy-to-implement habits that will let you keep your pants buttoned and even more tips
    • Put into practice a 10-second pre-meal meditation
  • Week Seven: Summon your Body’s Moves
    • Learn the essence of movement and stillness and why you can’t have one without the other
    • Find motivation for your ideal activities
    • Get your first Mental Rehearsal to connect to movement
  • Week Eight: Out of the Frying Pan into the… Zen
    • What is cortisol and why is it making me (insert expletive)?
    • Receive a personalized Mental Rehearsal to help you unwind
  • Week Nine: Honor your calendar, you deserve it!
    • Feel empowered to stick to what you want to do in three liberating steps
  • Week Ten: You are Limitless
    • Understand the catalysts for what stands in your way and reframe them
    • Learn a meditation to divine your abundance from the universe
  • Week Eleven: Your Journey to Now: A Journey Worth Taking
    • Discover your abundance
    • Divine self-acceptance from your wellspring to grow confidence
  • Week Twelve: Woundology
    • Undergo a unique meditation that teaches you how to listen to your body in a new way and unleash your personal power
  • Week Thirteen: Acknowledgement and Gratitude Celebration
    • Walk away feeling good and develop how to conjure the feeling whenever you need it
    • Learn the power of spreading seeds of kindness
  • Week Fourteen: Wheel of Life
    • Discover where you need nourishment and authentic ways to incorporate it into your life
  • Week Fifteen: Letting go of Anxiety
    • Imagine and unleash independence for your energetic being
    • Why kicking the sugar habit (even just 4 times a year) helps you stay in the present
  • Week Sixteen: Deep Nourishment
    • Transform into your natural state in order to build intuition
    • By eliminating toxins for 14 days, you will learn to summon the magical role of intuition so you know how to correct imbalances
  • Week Seventeen: You did it!
    • The essence of the empowering lessons
    • Life Inventory: Reviewing what makes you rock so you can take that power into the future
    • Align your new baseline


My Commitment to You:

If you are willing to follow The Intuitive Circuit, make an effort to learn, and accept the lifestyle changes, you will experience incredible changes in your health. I will be with you every step of the way to help you turn your health and mood around, feel clarity in areas you feel stuck in, discover passions, open new doors for connections and step forward from the gloom—all while letting you continue to be you and fostering that luminary within.


For this 17-week, transformation program you will be investing in 1:1 weekly sessions, Workbook + Journal, recipe access, meal planning assistance, along with videos, meditations and personalized mental rehearsal recordings.


You will also receive a hand-selected gemstone and a welcome basket with my favorite products and self-care items!


The Intuitive Circuit will provide you with an end to the struggle of living stuck. Start with this first step and begin your journey toward a life filled with energy, joy, and health! But first, let’s meet! Schedule your 1:1 by phone or video chat!



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Frequently Asked Questions


Can I take part in The Intuitive Circuit if I’m pregnant or breastfeeding?


Except for the movement routine, The Intuitive Circuit should be perfectly safe for pregnancy or breastfeeding because we will only be eliminating foods that can be dangerous to your health, and there are no supplements required. However, I would recommend you discuss the The Intuitive Circuit with your healthcare practitioner before starting a new plan. Review the Movement Magic routine and make any adjustments necessary with your doctor.


What if I begin this and I don’t think it’s for me? Is there a refund policy?


Because it’s important to commit fully to these lifestyle changes to see a reversal of your health, I can’t issue refunds.


What happens when I join?


You will receive a program agreement, once we sign in agreement to a respectful relationship together, I will send you your welcome basket plus What to Stock in Your Pantry, Fridge and Freezer, Program Workbook + Journal, and a video featuring ways to set you up for success.


Are materials available through digital download only or can they be sent to me?

At this time, materials are only available through a digital download. The workbooks feature fillable forms. There’s a few pages I will ask you to print them at your convenience. This way you can track your progress and save trees!


I have dietary restrictions due to religion/allergies/personal beliefs, can I still take part?


Absolutely! By following The Intuitive Circuit, you are eliminating certain foods from your diet, and in no way have to add specific items into your diet, especially if they aren’t in alignment with your beliefs or medical needs.


If you have additional questions, reach out to me at!



Walk Full Circuit with

Energy in Your Heart.

It’s Your Land of Wellness.


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Even if you don’t feel like the Intuitive Circuit is right for you now, I invite you to experience a 1:1 coaching session by booking your call today!

In an Exploration Session:

  • Get a 1:1 coaching session focused on you!
  • Identify what empowers you
  • Gain insight into connections between your physical body and emotional/mental body
  • Connect with the ways you’re an evolving luminary
  • Implement at least one tool to decrease the impacts of stress on your health