90-Day Energy Transformation Program with Brandy Bell 

Do you wish to carry energy in your heart and feel the brilliance in every day?

The 90-Day Energy Transformation Program: three-month intimate, supportive coaching program to help you bring your gut, heart, and mind together—empowering you to achieve your goals and genuinely smile at yourself in the mirror.

This program is for you if you are ready to:  

  • Make lifestyle changes that lead to amazing improvements in your health
  • Discover how pain in your gut, mind, and heart can positively transform
  • Open new doors to your inner voice
  • Accept guidance from an expert health coach who can help you unearth desires and fulfill areas that need nourishment
  • Choose to develop personal self-care habits that lift you up authentically
  • Embrace a natural path to health and wellness

The 90-Day Transformation Program:

  • Starts off with an Exploration Session
  • provides weekly, private 1:1 coaching
  • includes a welcome basket with a hand-selected stone/crystal, raw cocoa powder, and other treats
  • includes two Personalized Manifestation Recording (one short and one longer)
  • offers stretch and support to set up conditions for inevitable success
  • guides you to discover what to eat
  • provides accountability to turn healthy habits into behaviors that last
  • has email support between our weekly hour-long coaching sessions
  • tailors weekly action steps and live exercises related to new content
  • is an experience rooted deeply in developing intuition and curiosity for the whole self; providing support for increased confidence and a new foundation of self-care.
Imagine a life wherein…

  • you shine, and you know that others can feel your warmth
  • mornings find you rested and ready to begin a new day
  • you feel a lightness in your step as you walk
  • carrying energy in your heart is just the norm
  • smiling at yourself in the mirror when you brush your teeth, wash your hands, or ride an escalator is just what you do
  • finding a comfortable weight that makes you feel good is just a part of life and ends the health risks that come with it, so you feel less anxious and more relaxed
  • knowing what foods support your health brings you joy
  • making the best choices to care for yourself and move forward is not overwhelming, stressful, or isolating, instead, you feel heard and connected
  • spending time with the people you love means you’re not missing out on anything
  • you have the tools to get through hard times (without losing your health) when you need them

You can do this amongst the bloating, uncomfortable feeling of heaviness, dizziness, fear, hangryness, stress, sacrifice, anxiety, isolation, gas, doubt, low energy, worry, tiredness, afternoon crashes, escapism, stuckness… because eventually all of those things will be far easier to identify and pull away from, allowing you balance.

Book an Exploration Session

In a 60-minute session you will:

    • Feel inspired about your goals and showing your inner light
    • Talk about living and divine new choices
    • Get a chance to talk about what change means to you and why it’s important
    • Experience what it would be like to work with a coach instead of navigating your health journey alone
    • Get a 1:1 coaching session focused on you!
    • Identify what empowers you
    • Gain insight into connections between your physical body and emotional/mental body
    • Connect with the ways you’re an evolving luminary
    • Implement at least one tool to decrease the impacts of stress on your health

I currently offer these sessions at no charge. I set up a safe space to talk and explore what’s important to you.  ($79 value).