Release Writing Rituals


This is the experimental phase of my holistic, writing-coach practice. I want to encourage individuals to write about their medical and health journeys, their emotional and spiritual journeys–really any story you want to tell. This can be thought of as a form of narrative medicine.

This is for anyone:

  • who wants to write and share
  • who wants to write but keep their words private, where I would provide support for the practice or sharing insight only,
  • who is looking to polish a piece for publication and need support to complete it, edit it, and send it for publishing.

Use Section three of this form to apply if you’re interested! 

I don’t censor writing, but we will establish safe-space rules at the beginning around what is shared. I will present a few rules to keep myself and other members safe and wish for you to understand they are not about censorship.

Learn about who I am as a writer.